Tank Cleaning Applications

Tank Cleaning Chemicals

Marine Care is the global leading supplier in tank cleaning chemicals, analysis and lab equipment, and technical support. With recent introductions such as Careclean Xcellerate VO for high reductions in cleaning costs of palm oil-related cargoes and Careclean Eco-Solve for rapid cleaning of even the most challenging mineral oil cargoes. We not only share our R&D center with our customers for cleaning advice on specific (new) cargo types but also with coating manufacturers for residue analysis after cleaning. To achieve maximum reliability, we have invested in a unique Tank Wash Simulation Unit.

Our tank cleaning chemicals are all in compliance with IMO MEPC590, REACH, and major coating manufacturers, unless otherwise stated.

Wash Water Analysis

Following the CDI requirements, there is a growing demand for accurate wash water analysis by means of a spectrophotometer. Marine Care has over 2 decades of experience with her own range of spectrophotometers, specifically designed for onboard analysis of wall wash samples which could already support wash water analysis. In 2019 we introduced the revolutionary Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis SmartLog, the first unit for the marine market with a high-resolution touch screen and automatic curve on curve display. This unit is ideal for wash water analysis whilst at the same time supporting cleaning time reduction.

Equipment & Test Kits

Marine Care offers a full range of equipment and test kits to complete your cleaning and verify the results. As you would expect after doing business with us, all are completed with practical clean manuals and/or instruction videos on our YouTube channel.

Lab Items

We supply the following laboratories items for use onboard of chemical tankers such as methanol, sample bottles and shoe covers.