Hold Cleaning Applications

Meeting your last minute demands

Marine Care is for years known for her rapid response to customer requests, especially of value when you are fixing your spot cargoes and need to arrange your cleaning materials at the last minute. You want to get a comprehensive offer; chemical applicators, high-pressure washers, bamboo poles, ladders, scrapers, squeegees, PPE, etc. are part of this. At Marine Care, we are extremely flexible in setting up new stock points and specific items to meet your demands. All with a clear and cost-effective approach. Discover our difference today and contact us for a quote or more information on how we can support your business.

We supply a range of IMO Annex V compliant cleaning chemicals for any hold cleaning challenge.


Because we know the right equipment is as important as the right chemicals to get the holds clean in the shortest possible time, we have developed our own range of high-pressure cleaners and chemical applicators. To ensure your crew is protected during cleaning operations, we also have standard PPE kits.


With our extensive experience in cleaning, we don’t back down easily for a challenge. Marine Care offers a full range of equipment to complete your cleaning and to ensure your vessels’ quick turnaround.

  • Personal Protection Equipment
    Suits, boots, shoes, masks, spare filters, gloves, glasses…
  • Cleaning Accessories
    Bamboo poles, ladders, scrapers, squeegees, brooms, brushs