Water Treatment Chemicals

Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment

For any merchant vessel or cruise ship, we offer a complete range of boiler and cooling water treatment products. Customers who have chosen to use our water treatment products can enjoy the use of eCare Monitor; a practical on- and offline tool to log values per vessel and system. The whole eCare Monitor can be tailored at setup, to meet expectations in terms of reporting and detail levels. 

Water treatment chemicals are essential for a safe and effective operation. Corrosion, Scale, Sludge, Bacteria, and Fouling are some factors that will result in a breakdown, costly repairs, loss of power, waste of energy and money.

Ballast Water Treatment

  • CareFloc
    General purpose dispersant for effective removal of mud and silt from ballast tanks, pipe line systems, open and closed cooling water circuits
  • Sodium Bisulfite Solution 40%
    Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) / Total Chlorine neutraliser
  • Sodium Hypochlorite (12- 15%)
    Ballast water pre-treatment
  • Sodium Metabisulphite Powder
    Excess chlorine / oxidant residual neutraliser
  • Sodium Thiosulphate Powder
    Neutralization agent, de- chlorinating the ballast water prior to discharging into the sea
  • Sodium Thiosulphate Solution 30%
    Neutralization agent, de- chlorinating the ballast water prior to discharging into the sea
  • Sodium Thiosulphate Solution 50%
    Neutralization agent, de- chlorinating the ballast water prior to discharging into the sea

Wastewater Treatment

  • AM FLOC C315-S
    Flocculant for sludge dewatering in wastewater systems.
  • AM Scale Remover
    Highly effective scale remover for vacuum toilet systems.
  • AM Scale Remover Liquid
    Highly effective preventing scales in vacuum toilet systems.
  • Caretreat Antifoam
    Water-soluble silicone-based antifoam
  • Caretreat AWP AF
    Water-dispersible, highly effective antifoam for application in a wide temperature and pH range.
  • Caretreat AWP Coagulant
    Highly effective coagulant for treatment of wastewater streams prior to flocculation/dewatering.
  • Caretreat AWP P-601 | PC
    Very high molecular weight flocculant for high efficiency wastewater sludge dewatering in centrifuges, (belt) filter presses, and screw press.
  • Caretreat AWP P-601 | FW
    Ultra-high molecular weight flocculant for reducing turbidity and clearing effluent water.
  • Caretreat AWP UV Clean
  • Caretreat BIO AC-S
    Polyvalent biological activator for digestion of organic matter.
  • Caretreat Bio-Activator-GTP
    Biological activator substrate for long-lasting optimization of grease-eating bacteria cultures.
  • Caretreat Bio-GTC-L
    Liquid Biotreatment component for breakdown of grease in grease traps.
  • Caretreat Bio-GTC-P
    Powder biotreatment component for grease breakdown in grease traps and drains

Water Production Treatment

Marine Care supplies water production products to protect and clean your evaporators, potable water systems, and reverse osmosis systems.

  • Caretreat 1 Evaporator
    For the prevention of scaling in seawater evaporators
  • Caretreat 6 PWT
    Potable water treatment to protect water lines from corrosion and eliminate “rusty” water
  • Caretreat Antiscalant WT RO+
    High-performance antiscalant for reversed osmosis and ultrafiltration systems, running on high carbonate and high sulfate waters
    NSF 60/ 61 approved
  • Carechlor
    Sodium Hypochlorite 12-15%
    NSF approved
  • CareCal WT
    Filter medium for re-mineralization and neutralization of drinking and swimming water