Cooling and Boiler Water Products

Caretreat 2 Diesel
Diesel engine cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor, for closed-circuit systems approved by all major engine manufacturers.

Caretreat 3 Boiler
Advanced organic boiler water treatment to control pH, corrosion, scale, and sludge formation.

Caretreat 4 Condensate
Organic oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for feed, steam, and condensate systems.

Caretreat 5 Seawater
Sea cooling water corrosion inhibitor and growth preventer, based on natural filming amines.

Caretreat Alkalinity Control
Alkalinity booster for boiler water.

Caretreat Antifoam
Water-soluble silicone-based antifoam.

Caretreat Bacteria
Removal and control of microbiological growth in cooling water systems.

Caretreat Boiler Coagulant
Dispersant for removal of sludge in boilers.

Caretreat Hardness Control
Phosphate-based, for low and medium pressure boilers.

Caretreat Oxygen Control CH
Oxygen control, amin based.

Caretreat Oxygen Control DH
Oxygen control for low to high-pressure boilers.

Caretreat Oxygen Scavenger BS
Oxygen control for low to medium pressure boilers.

CareCal WT
Filter medium for re-mineralization and neutralization of drinking and swimming water.

Careclean Neutralizing Liquid

Caretreat 1 Evaporator
For the prevention of scaling in seawater evaporators.

Caretreat 6 PWT
Potable Water Treatment, to protect water lines from corrosion and to eliminate “rusty” water.

Caretreat Antiscalant WT RO+
Multi-purpose Antiscalant for Reversed Osmosis and Ultrafiltration systems.


Mono Ethylene Glycol

Mono Ethylene Glycol

pH Decreaser

pH Increaser