Carecoat Recoseal 10; Lifeboat Reconditioning Coating

Easy, ready to use color & gloss recovery 2-component coating, for quick application and long lasting results.

Carecoat Recoseal 10 is a unique high solid, 2-component clear-transparent polymeric coating based on the latest low molecular weight technologies for color restore, improved gloss, enhanced UV resistance, and long-term protection of painted, coated, plastic, ceramic, fiber-reinforced polymer, metal, wooden, and stone surfaces that are weather-beaten discolored, chalked and/or eroded.
Besides reconditioning of weathered surfaces, Carecoat Recoseal 10 can also be used as an initial treatment for new surfaces, prolonging the lifetime and extending maintenance/ cleaning intervals. To prevent application patterns of the pads, it is best to apply by spraying on new, or still smooth and shining surfaces.