Fuel Oil Treatment Chemicals

  • Caretreat Bacteria
    Microbiological control agent for use in lube oil, fuel oil and diesel cooling water systems
  • Caretreat Combustion
    Combustion improver for heavy fuel oil, LSFO and VLSFO
  • Caretreat EB
    Water in oil emulsion breaker
  • Caretreat Economizer
    Prevents soot deposits and low temperature corrosion in exhaust gas systems
  • Caretreat FOT LS
    Lubricity improver for fuel treatment of low sulfur marine fuels
  • Caretreat Sludge
    Pre-combustion fuel treatment for residual heavy fuels
  • Caretreat Soot
    Vaporizing powder mix for the reduction of deposits and corrosion in oil fired boilers and stacks
  • Caretreat Valves
    Post- combustion fuel ash modifier to reduce high- temperature corrosion