General Maintenance Products

Acidic Cleaners

  • Caretan Corrosion
    Rust converter for use on rusted steel and sandblasted steel as pre-coating preparation
  • Careclean F Descalex P
    Inhibited acid cleaning powder for removal of water scale and rust deposits from water systems
  • Careclean HD Descalex L
    Inhibited heavy duty cleaning liquid for removal of water scale and rust deposits from water systems
  • Careclean Rust
    Acidic cleaning product to remove rust stains from paintwork
  • Careclean Separator
    Acidic cleaning product for cleaning of stainless steel separator discs and separator bowls

Alkaline Cleaners

Biological Cleaners

Electro Cleaners

  • Careclean ECS Quick Dry
    A non-conductive degreasing electro cleaner which totally evaporates and is non-corrosive
  • Careclean ECS Safe
    Odorless, non-emulsifying degreasing agent and non-conductive electro cleaner

Neutral/Solvent Cleaners

  • Careclean ACC
    For manual and “in service” cleaning of diesel engine charge air coolers and turbocharges
  • Careclean Carbon
    Cleaning product for use in immersion baths to remove carbonized oils
  • Careclean Degreaser GP
    Emulsifying cleaning product for the removal of medium to heavy mineral oils and fats by spraying and brushing
  • Careclean Degreaser HD
    Emulsifying cleaner for removal crude oil, bitumen and paraffin
  • Careclean Filter
    Liquid cleaning agent for removal of (partially) carbonized oil residues
  • Careclean Quick Split
    A solvent-based quick separating oil and grease remover suitable for use in conjunction with oily water separators
  • Careclean Voyage
    Strong emulsifying cleaner for removing heavy crude oil, soot, asphalt and carbon black stains

Oil Spill Dispersants