Cruise Cleaners

Deck & Exterior

General cleaning

Greencare Synergy
Very powerful unique degreaser replacing both solvent and caustic-based degreasers.

Greencare Rust Remover
This strong cleaner is used to remove rust and rust stains from any metal and non-metal surface the same way a conventional phosphoric-based cleaner would do.

Careclean GP Enviro
A water-based general purpose degreaser for engine room, rig washing, and deck cleaning.

Careclean Aquawash
Completely water-based biodegradable general
purpose cleaner.

Careclean High-Pressure Clean
Alkaline cleaning agent for use in high pressure and steam cleaners.

Careclean Stainless Gel
Highly effective acidic ready-to-use cleaner and corrosion remover for stainless steel surfaces for spray, brush, and sponge application.

Careclean Stainless Protect
Easy to use maintenance aerosol for stainless steel surfaces in harsh conditions, preventing corrosion caused by chloride deposits.

Careclean Rust
Acidic cleaning product to remove hardness
stains and residues after:
• tank cleaning operations
• rust stains on paintwork

Greencare ACF
Powerful cleaning and maintenance product to remove/dissolve carbonized, lubricant, and mineral oil from air coolers, filters, and machine parts in engine rooms.

Careclean ACC
For manual and “in service” cleaning of Diesel Engine charge Air Coolers and Turbochargers.

Careclean Carbon
Cleaning product for use in immersion baths to remove carbonized oils.

Careclean Filter
Liquid cleaning agent for removal of (partially) carbonized oil residues.

Careclean Degreaser GP
Emulsifying cleaning product for the removal of medium to heavy mineral oils and fats by spraying or brushing.

Careclean ECS Quick Dry
Non-conductive degreasing electro cleaner which totally evaporates and is non-corrosive.

Careclean ECS Safe
Odorless, non-emulsifying degreasing agent and non-conductive electro cleaner.

Careclean Hand
Industrial grade cleaning paste for hand cleaning. Removes even the toughest grease.

Careclean HD Descalex L
Inhibited heavy-duty acid cleaning liquid for removal of water scale and rust deposits from water systems.

Careclean OSD Enviro
Water-based Oil Spill Dispersant.

Careclean Quick Split
Solvent-based quick separating oil and grease remover suitable for use in conjunction with oily water separators.

Careclean Multiclean
Mild alkaline multi-purpose cleaner.

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