ASTM D4340-19

A test method for corrosion of cast aluminum alloys

A standard test method for corrosion of cast aluminum alloys in engine coolants under heat-rejecting conditions, according ASTM D4340-96. The test is used for screening engine coolants on the effectiveness of combating the corrosion of cast aluminum alloys under heat transfer conditions that are present in aluminum cylinder head engines.


In this method, heat flux is established through a cast aluminum test piece while exposed to an engine coolant solution to which sodium chloride is added. Test conditions:

Temperature 135 C
Time 168 h
Pressure 28 Psi
Before and after the test the heated aluminum test piece is:

  • Weighed
  • Inspected on corrosion
  • Photographed

The test solution (engine coolant) is analyzed before and after the test on appearance (color/turbidity) and pH value. The corrosion rate is calculated from the weight loss of the aluminum test piece and given in mg/cm2/week. The test should be performed at least twice.

Test at Marine Care laboratory

Looking to perform an ASTM D4340-19 test? At the Marine Care office in Rotterdam, we perform the test in our laboratory. Please consult for more information.