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We supply a range of maintenance chemicals for many different purposes.

Careclean ACC

A special cleaner for in service or manual cleaning of aircoolers.

Careclean Alkaline

Powerful non-caustic alkaline cleaner for removal of vegetable oils and fatty acid.

Careclean Aquawash

Bio-degradable general purpose cleaner.

Careclean Carbon

Cleaning agent for partially carbonized oils.

Careclean Degreaser GP

A solvent based emulsifying general purpose degreaser.

Careclean Degreaser HD

A heavy duty solvent based emulsifying mineral oil cleaner.

Caretank ECO

Heavy duty tankcleaner which contains no chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Careclean ECS Quick Dry

A non-flammable, non-conductive fast evaporating electrocleaner.

Careclean ECS Safe

An environmental non-CFC's containing electrocleaner.

Careclean F Descalex P

An inhibited powder acid cleaner and scale remover.

Careclean Filter

Cleaning agent for lubricating and fuel filters.

Careclean GP Enviro

A waterbased general purpose degreaser with clear fresh odour.

Careclean Hand

A handcleaning gel.

Careclean HD Descalex L

A heavy duty scale remover, low foaming liquid.

Careclean High Pressure Clean

Very powerfull High pressure machine cleaning detergent.

Careclean Multiclean

A strong bio-degradable general purpose cleaner.

Careclean OSD Enviro

A totally bio-degradable oil spill dispersant.

Careclean Quick Split

A solvent based quick separating general purpose degreaser.

Careclean Rust

An acidic liquid for rust and stain removal.

Careclean Separator

An acidic cleaner for stainless steel separator discs.

Careclean Sewage

Biological multipurpose sanitation system treatment and cleaner.

Careclean Ultrasonic

A liquid cleaner for use in Ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Careclean Voyage (Seaclean)

A strong emulsifying solvent based cleaner for removal of heavy oils.

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